About us

Beautybazaarpro is a company founded by Aashish & Jo Rego; Aashish, being a successful entrepreneur & systems builder & Jo, a successful hair & beauty professional. Both pooled in their years of experience & combined skills to formulate a system and platform to enable salon owners & beauty professional to themselves become successful distributors of international premium professional beauty products.

The traditional method of doing business involved a series of intermediaries such as : Distributors, Wholesalers, Stockists & Retailers which take away a sizeable portion of the cost of the product due to which quality products become expensive & out of reach for a lot of salon owners & professionals.

Beautybazaarpro acts as a supply channel that links top professional brands directly with the salons & beauty professionals. Each Salon owner or beauty professional on registering in the system becomes a distributor of the brand.Every purchase by a BBPro member & others introduced by the member or other memebers of the team adds to their own turnover. Thus a BBPro member can earn commission levels from 5-20%. Levels above those have a unique Franchise & Royalty structure.

We already have acquired exclusive distribution of top brands such as Amazon keratin, Rejuvenol Keratin spa, Argania (Argan oil based range of masks, serums, shampoos & conditioners), Diamondsilk irons, Silenforce Hairdryers, Vern Combiscissors, Eideal Hair accessories, Show Makeup, Vetiver Oil, Thermorepair, Compagnia del Colore among others and are in the process of acquiring other major brands.